It’s that day. The big V-Day. And while I think bourbon pairs well with anything and everything, there’s something to be said for a remarkable food and beverage pairing. In honor of Cupid’s holiday, we’re sharing a few classic food pairings. Try them at home or let us do the pleasure of serving you these ‘match made in heaven’ combos!


Is there any greater combination? I think not. The OBC Kitchen team has put a lot of time into coming up with the best food pairings for bourbon, since we do have one of the largest collections of bourbon in the state and all. Typically, Southern dishes pair well with bourbon, especially those made with pork. With any food and beverage pairing, you don’t want one to overpower the other. Bourbon has a strong flavor profile, which allows it to stand up to more intense pairings. I recommend anything with a sweet, smoky or slightly spicy flavors. OBC’s Bacon in a Glass, glazed with honey, bourbon and sugar, is the perfect combo of smoky and sweet.

OBC recommendation: Bacon in a Glass with a dram of BHG Private Selection of Old Forester


One of the questions I get a lot is how to pair sushi with wine. Many people naturally think of sake, but I love a light wine pairing with rare fish. A dry rosé from the south of France is perfect for seared tuna. Tuna is often prepared with strong flavors like wasabi and ginger, which bring out the tart and citrus found in rosé. Just a touch of sweetness does the trick if the fish is seasoned with spices, such as our Chili-Rubbed Tuna.

OBC recommendation: Chili Rubbed Tuna with Orin Swift, Fragile France Rosé


Oysters and Champagne are another one of those classic combinations. I suggest going one step further and pairing with a Champagne cocktail. How you prepare your oysters plays a role in what you pair it with. A dry white wine works well if you’re serving them raw with lemon. Fried oysters, a signature item at OBC, stand up better with something sparkling. Bubbles provide a great texture next to the oysters. A Champagne cocktail that’s slightly sweet cuts through the saltiness of the oysters well, offering a full circle food and drink pairing.

OBC recommendation: Crispy Fried Oysters with a “Beet”-le Juice craft cocktail

Promise you’ll LOVE these combos 😉 Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day from the entire OBC Kitchen team!


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